Breast gel implants now available!

An increasing number of brands in our catalog now offer breast gel implants (currently available only on dolls with breast cup from B to M (more sizes are being made available). With these implants your doll’s boobs will be softer and more elastic, with minimal weight increase. Gel implants are a fee-paying optional (average price $90).

Breast gel implants demo video on a doll with average breasts:

Breast gel implants demo on a doll with larger breasts:


Demo on the YL Doll 166cm:

FAQ about gel implants

Q: Are gel breasts bigger than regular breasts (same size)?

A: Generally no, however on small sizes (B, C-cup) gel breasts might be slightly bigger than soft/hard breasts. The picture below compares a WM Dolls with soft B-cup breasts (left) with the same WM Dolls body B-cup with gel breasts. You may notice that the doll on the left has slightly bigger breasts.




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