Harder vs Softer silicone: what to know about it

After a few years in which TPE seemed the most favorite material for realistic sexdolls, silicone has definitely regained the upper hand. All most established brands now have silicone dolls in their catalog and often seem to prefer launching new silicone dolls over TPE ones. Two main reasons in our opinon contributed to the push in this direction: price and softness options. First, the price difference between TPE and silicone dolls has substantially decreased, so much so that it’s not uncommon to find the ‘same’ doll in silicone costing only 20-25% more than the one in TPE. Second, manufacturers have found ways to make increasingly softer silicone dolls, for the great appreciation of real doll enthusiasts.

In this entry we look at the different degree of softness in silicone dolls available as of November 2023.

It’s been now approximately a couple of years since ‘soft silicone’ heads were introduced. Soft silicone heads have an oral opening however they’re usually slighlty less detailed than the ‘regular’ silicone ones. In this excellent video courtesy of Irontech Doll we compare regular and soft silicone heads:

The choice here is pretty straighforward: if you’re looking for the maximum degree of facial looks realism, and perhaps you also want implanted hair and eyebrows, then you should go for the ‘regular’ silicone head. Are you looking to physically interact with the head? Considering using the mouth sexually? The soft silicone head is the one for you.

Realistic sexdolls manufacturers have also grown in confidence in releasing ‘soft silicone’ bodies. As The Silver Doll recently visited the Guangzhou Adult Products Fair, brand representatives were very keen to show us their ‘newly launched’ soft silicone dolls. We found that these dolls were really soft, to a degree almost unthinkable until some time ago. Here again we thank Irontech Doll for releasing a thourough and honest comparison video between soft and regular Irontech Doll silicone bodies (as well as a video entirely dedicated to ‘soft silicone’ bodies, here):

Here also you can see here a pre-shipping video test of an Irontech Doll 160cm silicone made in soft silicone:

Note though that this thrilling enhancement does not come without cautionary advice. As informed in the Irontech Doll video above, soft silicone is more prone to denting and compression. Soft silicone bodies need to be treated with greater care than regular silicone ones.

As we speak, Irontech Doll ‘soft silicone’ body option is offered free of charge. You can see here a pre-shipping video test of an Irontech Doll 160cm silicone made in soft silicone.

Elsa Babe is another manufacturer who has already made the ‘soft silicone’ option available to customers, although not free of charge. Here’s their presentation video:

In April 2024 Zelex introduces its own ultrasoft silicone, here‘s a presentation video.

In conclusion, here at The Silver Doll we definitely welcome this exciting enhancements and we’re sure our customers also do. Almost all brands already have soft silicone heads in their catalog. Expect more manufacurers to soon add the ‘soft silicone body’ option as well. In the meantime, if you’re interested in a specific brand soft silicone body but cannot find the option in customization, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to enquire with the relevant manufacturer.

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