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The WM Dolls brand belongs to ZhongShan ShaXi JinSan Clothing props factory models, aka as Jinsan, a Chinese company based in the southern province of Guandong.  Widely known for the quality and the audacious designs of its TPE sexdolls, WM Dolls has been the first Chinese brand to achieve worldwide success. Today it launches new bodies and […]

Z-Onedoll has introduced last September the state-of-the-art of intelligent love dolls, the first sex doll robot boasting extremely realistic facial expressions. This doll is now available for purchase, with bodies ranging from 145 cm to 162 cm. Female robots have been around for a few years, and are the object of intensive research in the […]

The stunning realism of the silicone lovedolls ‘made in China’ is the result of painstaking procedures of molding and finishing, which can last up to a week for a single doll. The creation of a realistic love doll requires five stages: Design and Sculpture Creation of the metallic skeleton Creation of the silicone/TPE mold and […]