Vagina suction, recent upgrades

The vagina suction feature is proving popular among real sexdoll lovers. Manufacturers are taking notice and quickly upgrading to make it safer, easier to use and more realistic-like.

Introduced by AF Doll just a few months ago, the vagina suction feature is now being upgraded by Starpery and Zelex. Needless to say, expect more other brands to make it available soon.

As we’re writing Starpery has just sent to us a comprehensive video showing their 2.0 version of their “clamp&suck” feature, which is currently available on their ‘full-silicone’ dolls for an extra $159 fee. See the demonstration video below:

Zelex improved vagina suction is currently available on their 165cm F-cup, 170cm and 175cm silicone dolls. See below a picture set showing the upgrades:








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