Upgraded mouth – the story so far

We all know how important a realistic mouth can be to enhance the overall sexdoll experience. Chinese realistic doll manufacturers have come a long way to help doll enthusiasts achieve a mouth that more and more resembles ‘the real thing’.
Until a few years ago the only addition available was the TPE removable tongue (see picture below). This is normally still available in absence of more recent upgrades or if the buyer just looks for a free-of-charge simple tongue to use occasionally.


Later on WM Dolls introduced the integrated tongue with uvula. This is by now available on almost all WM Dolls heads as well as on several other brands in our catalog. The integrated tongue and uvula is normally a fee-paying add-on that you can find in the customization section. If you don’t find this option in the customization section it means it’s not available. However watch out for changes in the future, as some manufacturers might start adding the tongue and uvula as a default feature or offering it for free during some promotions. In this case you’d be advised of the change in the product description / promotion info.


The largest and possibly most innovative manufacturer, WM Dolls, launched in 2018 an interesting and peculiar set of removable teeth and tongues. The kit can be added in customization of your WM Dolls and can also be purchased separately. The kit should be compatible with the mouths of most brands in our catalog. We advise considering this add-on only if your doll is free from an integrated tongue, and the shape of the mouth allows the kit to be installed successfully (smiling mouths for example would be less suitable).



The latest mouth enhancement is the moving jaw, often associated to a more realistic set of integrated teeth. As of October 2022 three brands in our catalog offer this exciting option.

Sanhui introduced its ‘adjustable mouth’ feature in early 2020. Here’s our blog entry about it. As you can see this option is available on a good number of Sanhui heads. We don’t have an oral sex demostration of Sanhui’s adjustable mouth, so we can’t say if there’s an improvement in this respect over the regular mouth.

As we’re writing Jiusheng and WM Dolls are launching their own upgraded mouths.

Jiusheng currently offers this option on three heads. Here‘s an extensive video demo, including an impressive oral sex test. As you can see Jiusheng upgraded mouths come with better sculpted teeth as well.

WM Dolls ROS (Real Oral Sex), here‘s a video demo, promises a much-improved oral sex experience thanks to a series of enhancements (see banner below). We haven’t received an oral sex video yet however we’re sure WM Dolls claim has solid bases.


Heads with the moving jaw tend to have a slightly open mouth as a default feature, as shown in this video comparing FanReal Doll head ‘Maria’ in regular and soft silicone.

What’s next?

First we expect the ROS feature be rolled out on more and more heads. At some point in the future the ROS mouth will likely become the default for all quality sexdolls. After that it’s hard to imagine further enhancements that don’t include any form of robotization. One thing is sure: with Chinese realistic doll manufacturers’ inexhaustible inventiveness and desire to excel, the future of sexdolls’ mouths looks pretty exciting.

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