Sex Dolls at the Shanghai Adult Show 2017


The 2017 Shanghai Adult Care Expo took place April 13th-17th. A number of manufacturers in our catalog told us they would be there so we decided to make the journey to check what they had to offer.  And we were not disappointed..

This is a quick video overview of the manufacturers who were present at the expo and their stands.


Sex dolls by Sanhui

Not contented with the excellent quality of its current silicone doll lineup, Sanhui seems to be always chasing the next idea to further the realism of the sexdoll experience. The latest introduction is the textured skin. There’re important visual and tactile differences between the regular smooth and the textured skin. The two reacts differently to light exposure, the smooth being much shinier. From close range, tiny human-like pores can be noticed on the textured skin. It’s however the tactile experience that brings realism to the next level. The textured skin is..really textured. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel as if you’re touching human skin. The textured skin is already available on Sanhui’s larger dolls as a paying option. At the same time, all Sanhui dolls will continue to be offered with smooth skin as the default option.

Below you can find three pictures comparing smooth and textured skin:

Sanhui sex doll with smooth skin
Sanhui sex doll with regular smooth skin
Sanhui sex doll with textured skin
Sanhui sex doll with textured skin
Sanhui sex doll with textured skin
Sanhui sex doll with textured skin

Another exciting addition from Sanhui, the hymen. Same as the real thing, this hymen will break once first penetrated. This very tiny hole serves two main purposes: first, to provide the pleasure to make love to a virgin; second, to provide the guarantee that the doll has never been penetrated before. The latter might prove an important selling point on the second hand market.

For those who have missed our reportage from the Guanzhou 2016 Expo, here again is the video demonstrating Sanhui’s mechanical eyes, available on all bodies from 156cm.


Last but not least, the new huge-boob body. The first huge breasted silicone doll on the market (or soon to come). This doll will be available with both solid breasts (as in the pictures below) and hollow breasts. With its fully suspended humongous breasts, the solid version is spectacular for display purposes, however the breasts might feel a bit hard for playing. The hollow version will feature softer, naturally sagging breasts.

Here are more pictures taken from the Sanhui stand:


Sex dolls by Z-onedoll

Z-onedoll‘ stand proudly showcased a world premiere: the head with implanted hair. The realism of this head featuring thousands of manually implanted hairs is simply stunning. Check yourself the pictures below:

The always impressive sexbot attracted attention with its fluid blinking and real-like eye movement. In the video at the top of the page you can see her in action.  The two photos below on the right show the back of the head.

Among the dolls on display the new 138cm, below on the purple stool, next to the 120cm, who seats on the red stool.


Sex dolls by Victoria Sex Doll

Victoria Sex Doll excited the crowd with its creative, artistic display. A new doll was unveiled, a 100cm minidoll with round buttocks and generous breasts. Basically a smaller version of the hugely successful 130cm E-cup body.

Victoria Sex Doll is the first among the TPE brands to launch the textured skin for its dolls. Below you can see a closeup from a doll showcased at the Expo. The texture is less detailed than the one seen on Sanhui, however for TPE this seems a huge step forward.

Very active not only artistically but also technically, Victoria Sex doll is also launching a new material, the ‘super-elastomer‘, which according to the manufacturer is twice as elastic as traditional TPE and five times more elastic than silicone. This material, which Victoria assures is not prone to tears, is allegedly odorless and highly resistant to deformation. The most amazing aspect of the super-elastomer however is its non-oily nature. We compared the tactile experience of Victoria’s dolls made of TPE and of those made with this new material: the difference is quite remarkable, with the super-elastomer being far softer and dryer.

Here are some pictures from Victoria Sex Doll’ stand :


Sex dolls by Doll Forever

Despite occupying a small stand, Doll Forever impressed for the exceptional quality of its dolls. Comfort and durability seem to be the main selling points of this recently launched brand:the material (TPE) is pleasantly soft while the skeleton is fully hinged , even in areas such as neck, wrists and ankles.

As opposed to traditional flexible necks (also referred as goosenecks), Doll Forever’s necks are stable and noise-free. The robust hinge system also allow the doll be hung with a hook without risks of damaging the body.

Hands felt surprisingly sturdy thanks to a inner steel plate ensuring solidity and rigidity. Such robustness is reflected on the fingers as well, that thanks to thicker metal wires can take poses without bouncing.

Last but not least, Doll Forever life-size dolls can bend laterally, from left to right and vice versa.

Definitely a brand worth consideration.


Sex dolls by WM Dolls

The always-attractive WM Dolls stand displayed the brand’s bestsellers as well as the new huge-breast elf based on the YL Doll 150cm body.


Sex dolls by JY Doll

A doll-packed stand for this up-and-coming TPE brand, showing all or almost all the bodies in its catalog. The 166cm muscular doll always catches attention (here in Rambo-style). A few dark and black bodies were also on display to highlight the broad-spectrum ambition of this brand.


Sex Dolls by Doll House 168

The slightly understated Doll House 168 stand displayed the bodies of the brand in different skin tones.


Sex dolls by Maiden Doll

The Maiden Doll stand showcased one of the brand’s skeletons (see picture below), to give an idea of the wide range of movements achievable with this manufacturer’s dolls. Among the babes displayed, the large breasted 158cm definitely stole the scene.


Sex dolls by 6YEDoll

6YEDoll displayed a tantalizing harem of fifteen dolls of all sizes and skin tones.


Sex dolls by Climax Doll

Climax Doll presented its amazing bodies along with a gorgeous new chubby torso.



Feelings of enthusiasm and optimism pervaded the real doll stands at the Shanghai Adult Show. Manufacturers are more and more confident they can bring about the increase in quality, realism, variety and fun that customers demand. 2017 is going to be a very interesting year for realistic sex dolls.

We hope you enjoyed the array of doll shots presented in this article. Want to see more? Check our galleries, you will see with your eyes that they show the dolls exactly as they are seen live.

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