Authorization certificates for The Silver Doll

Certificates of authorization‘ are increasingly used by realistic doll vendors as a way to prove that they are authorized resellers of a specific brand or manufacturer. Potential customers like them too, as they feel reassured when placing orders from their chosen reseller.

Here at The Silver Doll we’re trying to obtain as many certificates as we can, bearing in mind that not all brands and manufacturers issue them. If the certificate is not available, potential customers can contact direct the brand through their website. All brands in our catalog will be delighted to confirm that The Silver Doll is an authorized and trusted reseller of their products.

Here are our current certificates:

  • Dolls Castle
  • Aibei
  • Starpery
  • SEDoll
  • 6YEDoll Premium
  • HRDoll
  • WM Dolls
  • Zelex
  • Elsa Babe
  • FunWest Doll
  • SY Doll

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