Fantasy-like features and looks in realistic dolls

Today we look at all those doll features that can be described as belonging to the world of ‘fantasy’, of ‘the bizarre’, of eccentric erotism and sexuality.

With the exception of manga minidolls like the Wm Dolls 100cm, the first realistic sexdolls from China where simply either asian or western-looking sexy ‘normal’ women. The first venture into the world of fantasy we can recall was with the elf heads and partially with the sleeping heads.

From left to right (or top to bottom) you can see below: YL Doll head #34, one of the first elf heads ever created; WM Dolls ‘sleeping’ head #59 which was launched as early as 2015; YL Doll head #193, an elf with vampire teeth.


Doll Forever presented in 2018 the stupefying  triple-breasted doll, a bold design that has not gone unnoticed among realistic doll collectors. In 2023 Elsa Babe launches its own triple breasted.

Doll Forever 146cm Venus

JM Doll gained new fans in 2019 with the jade-colored 80cm elf doll. YL Doll followed suit offering the jade-green skin color as an option on all its dolls.

The sublimely beautiful 80cm Orielle

Irokebijin’s been delighting us with its exquisite manga minidolls. Now the 95cm F-cup silicone can be equipped with a kinky tail. See below:

The silicone tail is integrated into the body

Morikawa Yuki head from Elsa Babe is a mix of animalesque and fairytale-like. She can fit the 148cm and 150cm bodies from this brand.

Mind the ears 🙂

As we’re writing Dolls Castle is definitely the most active ‘fantasy’ manufacturer. They have chosen the word ‘alien‘ to encompass the new sub-catalog of fantasy heads. Here are the four released so far: (from left to right, or top to bottom): Eugenia in light green skin color, Scarlett in red skin, Salina in purple skin, Anastasia in purple skin:

These dolls are available in light green, red, purple and green-blue skin color. 

Latest Dolls Castle effort is the over-the-top 141cm J-cup Gilta: muscular, sexy, animalesque, fantastic.

Dolls castle 141cm J-cup Gilta (purple skin tone)


Fantasy dolls and features can be hard to find in our huge catalog. This is why we made this entry. As of March 2023 this is all as far as ‘fantasy’ dolls are concerned. Stay tuned though as we’ll update this entry whenever a new doll or feature is being introduced.


One year later the offer has explaned, mostly courtesy of Dolls Castle. This incredibly creative manufacturer has launches new ‘alien’ heads as well as new fantasy bodies.

Here are some of the new alien heads:


This is the 162cm ‘6 breast’ body with Carol head:

Latest effort from Dolls Castle, the exquisite head Delizia:

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