Sinodoll R+S Enhanced Face and Body Make-up

Early 2020 premium silicone brand Sinodoll has launched R+S, a new hyper-realistic make-up for the head and the body. This is now available as a fee-paying option on The Silver Doll. The head and the body R+S make-up can be purchased separately.

R+S stand respectively for ‘more Realistic painting’ and ‘Smooth matte effect’. The combination of the two gives the doll a more realistic and life-like look, as the photos below show (courtesy of Sinodoll):

Above you can see the same Sinodoll head with regular make-up (left), R+S (center) and Smooth matte effect only (right).

Below a few photos showing the body, with and without R+S enhanced make-up:

Important warning: as advised by Sinodoll, the R+S make-up can have a time-limited durability, especially if the doll is used sexually. More specifically, to ensure durability of this make-up the doll shouldn’t be rubbed against, and shouldn’t be treated with aggressive cleaning / sanitizing products such as alchool. De facto, anyone interested in this option should be aware that every time the doll is touched the durability of this make-up can be compromised. For this reason we recommend adding this option only if using the doll for photographic / visual purposes.

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