Piper Doll: seamless beauty

Piper Doll is a brand of realistic dolls in TPE launched in 2017. They are designed by Taiwanese designer and photographer Mizuwali and manufactured in China by Doll Forever.

What sets Piper Doll apart is not just the irresistible allure of its dolls but also an exclusive technical feature: the seamless neck.

Piper Doll’s neck is seamlessly attached to the body, providing a boost of realism that no other doll brand can offer at the moment.

Below you can see a short demonstration video of Piper Doll sexdoll seamless neck:

With Piper Doll realistic sexdolls beauty is matched by feel. Their soft TPE ensures a very realistic and satisfying tactile experience. See below a 140cm breast jiggle demo:


One of first (and still most iconic) Piper Doll to be launched was the 130cm, now available as D-cup and C-cup. Here’s the 130cm D-cup body (please note that the outfit seen in the video is not longer available):

More recently the brand has shifted its focus on taller dolls, with the release of the curvaceous 160cm Plus and of the slender 162cm.

Here’s a presentation video of Jenna 162cm:


Want to see what you really get if you buy a Piper Doll? Here’s a factory video of a 160cm shipped to one of our customers (factory pictures are available for some of the other models):

Update October 2019. Now all Piper Dolls come with a handy hanging hook. The hook is inserted into the head through a hole that is made specifically for this purpose:

The Silver Doll is an authorized Piper Doll reseller since 2017. We carry all bodies and faces. Click here to access Piper Doll’s catalogue.

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