Instructions for Heating and Sound on Z-Onedoll love dolls

The Heating and Sound technology is available on most Z-Onedoll sexdolls.
Here we explain how to utilize both functions.


Z-onedoll Deluxe Bouton Marche Arret

Start/Stop key

Z-onedoll Deluxe Bouton de Selection de Fonction

Key for the selection of the function

Sound selection
Press the key for three seconds. You’ll hear a ‘beep’ sound signalling that this function has become active. You can now realease the key. The available sounds are produced sequentially. To choose a sound as a default, press the key for three seconds while the desired sound is being played

Volume setting
Press the key for seven seconds, then release. You have now accessed the volume setting. To set a volume press for three seconds and then release.

Z-onedoll Deluxe Prise pour le chargeur de son

Socket for the sound battery.
Sound doesn’t need to be connected to the wall socket. Charge the battery in advance to ensure autonomy.

Z-onedoll Deluxe Prise pour chauffer la poupée

Socket for heating
Plug this socket into the wall and turn on the switch to start heating.

Advice for usage

  • Don’t move the doll while heating. Moving the doll triggers the sound function and automatically stops the heating.
  • Heating stops after one hour for safety reasons. If you need further heating, switch off and switch on straight after.


Android App

For dolls produced after February 2017, download the Z-onedoll Android App from this link or scan this QR code with your smartphone:

Follow this guide for usage instructions:

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