DS Doll/EXDoll, where doll becomes piece of art

Doll Sweet, more known as DS Doll / EXDoll, creates, manufactures and sells high-end silicone realistic dolls.

Thanks to their amazing looks and wide range of poses and movements, DS Dolls are used as sexdolls, photographic models and luxury mannequins. Beautiful and beautifully crafted, no wonder why many consider DS Dolls as true artistic endeavors.


Among the silicone love dolls manufacturers, Doll Sweet stands out for its total commitment to quality. Here are a few DS technical specifications :

  • Galvanized steel skeleton, to better protect from corrosion.
  • Non-toxic platinum silicone skin. In 2015 a new ‘soft-touch’ silicone has been introduced, allowing less shine and vastly reduced oil leakage. Here is a video showing the tactile aspect of the ‘soft-touch’ silicone used on all DS Dolls:
  • Very soft solid silicone breasts. Doll Sweet achieves this thanks to a core of extremely soft silicone. The core is then coated with a protective layer and finally with the platinum silicone that makes the skin. So, as opposed to most silicone love dolls manufacturers, DS dolls do not have an inner part empty or filled with polyurethane foam.
  • Available with tight or soft joints.
    Tight joints are ideal for posing. The video below shows the range of movements of a tight-joint DS Doll.

    Loose joints are ideal for physical contact. Here’s a video demonstrating a DS Doll with loose joints:

  • Movable eyes. Eyes can be easily rotated, as shown in the video below:
  • Packaging. All DS Dolls are packed in a double-wall carton box. At the same time, custom-cut packing foam ensures protection and stability during transportation. The box is always plain, with no markings indicating the content inside.


Doll Sweet offers a wide choice of life-size and quasi life-size dolls. There are four bodies between 158 and 167cm:

  • 158cm. This is the least slender among DS life-size bodies, the one with the largest waist and thigh circumference. Available with bigger breasts in the 158cm Plus version. Below you can see a comparison of the two 158cm bodies (158Plus on the left).
  • 160cm. This is a well balanced body, with narrower waist than the 158cm. Light, it weighs only 25kg. Also available with larger breast in the 160Plus version.
  • 163cm. A very slender doll, with small breasts, narrow waist and slim thighs. The 163Plus body has th same measurements with the exception of the breasts. Below is a comparison picture of the two 163cm bodies (163Plus on the left).
  • 167cm. The most curvaceous among DS life-size bodies, with more noticeable breasts and hips, while the waist remain narrow.

Here is a picture with all 158-167cm bodies.

From left to right: 158cm, 158plus, 160cm, 160plus, 163cm, 163plus and 167cm

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